Is Leedee Products Safe to Consume? Let's See!

Hi semua! Today I would like to talk about Leedee products. Is Leedee products safe to consume? But first, what is Leedee?

Leedee is a food supplement product in the form of Sachet Powder (Leedee Pinepple) and Sachet Juice (Leedee Tox Peach) produced by Nadd Empire Sdn Bhd for 3 years on the market since 2018. 

As we know, Malaysia is one of the countries with the highest number of overweight and obesity. Most of them have also tried various ways of dieting and dieting but they are not aware that the cause of the difficulty of losing weight is due to high appetite and difficult to control. 

Therefore, Leedee is formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambodia that are able to control appetite. Apart from that, African Mango is also good in burning fat.

So let's dig a little deeper to find out is Leedee Products Safe to Consume!

Benefits of Consuming

Leedee Pineapple Juice

As we know, the pineapple found in Leedee Pineapple Juice is very good in the diet because it is high in fiber.

✓ Helps control appetite

✓ Helps lose weight

✓ Increases metabolism

✓ Contains Vitamin C (200mg)

Leedee Tox Peach

Peaches and pears found in Leedee Tox Peach contain high fiber that works to detox the body and remove toxins in the body which is the cause of the difficulty of losing weight.

✓ Relieve constipation

✓ Detoxifying without a stomach cramps

✓ Get rid of toxins in the body

The combination of Leedee Pineapple and Leedee Tox Peach products is able to give a maximum weight loss effect and it is very effective. Leedee is also a juice supplement that does not belong to medications or slimming pills,  Leedee is a supplement that has ingredients that can help control appetite.

Is Leedee contains Sibutramine?

One of the most important things to know about Leedee, Leedee received a BKKM letter which is under Food Classification and not under medicines that need to be registered under medicine.

Apart from that, Leedee has also received Laboratory Test approval from Singapore, namely ALS and showed that Leedee is proven to be free from the banned substance Sibutramine.

Let's see those reports here.

Leedee Product Classification Report (Malaysia)

Lab Test (Malaysia)

Sibutramine Free Lab Test Report (Malaysia)

Sibutramine Free Laboratory Test Report (Singapore)

How to Consume?

Each box has 10 sachets of Leedee Pinepple and Leedee Tox Peach. Leedee products are suitable for men and women from the early stages of adolescence 15 years and above, adults to the elderly who have a healthy body without any chronic diseases.

Leedee Pineapple Juice

Take 1 sachet in the morning before / after breakfast.

2 in 1 - Mix with water or swallow (save time).

Leedee Tox Peach

Take 1 sachet before sleep at night.

For better taste, store in refrigerator before consuming.

FAQ - To know more about Leedee!

How long can 1 box of Leedee Pineapple last?

1 box can last 10 days, consume every day

How long can 1 box of Leedee-Tox last?

1 box can last 10-30 days (depending on each body)

For those who have constipation, it is recommended to take 1 sachet daily or 2 times a day (depending on the needs of each body) 

For those who do not have constipation problems, it is recommended to take half a sachet and consume 2 or 3 times a day 

Are there any side effects?

There is no reason the materials used are only natural ingredients and there is approval

If you stop consuming Leedee, will your weight go back up?

That's the best question! Because there are many of our customers who stop consuming but still able to maintain their body weight.

Why did I lose weight after consuming Leedee but the weight loss stopped when I lost a lot?

Don't worry! When you lose a lot of weight, you will go through the "Plateau" phase which needs to take care of calorie intake and exercise more than before. But in any case, focus on inclusions, sometimes weight still the same but inclusions decreased.

If you want to know more, you may find more info on their official website:

Testimonials - See what people talk about Leedee!

There are some successful stories after consuming Leedee, so let's see some of their feedback and see whether it's work for them.

And also, here's some before & after comparison photo from the consumer.

They are looking so good and healthy after consuming Leedee. So what you think about Leedee products? And also to everyone out there, play your part to keep yourself, your friends and your family healthy and safe :)


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